Municipal Incentives

  • New business tax assessment exemption*
    • 100% exempt in year one
    • 50% exempt in year two
    • 25% exempt in year three
  • Existing business expansion tax exemption*
    • 100% exempt in first two years
    • 50% exempt in year three
    • 25% exempt in year four
  • City Council may provide up to five years of 100% tax exemption
*applies to new construction

Provincial Incentives

  • Corporate income tax rate as low as 10% on manufacturing and processing profits
  • Manufacturing, processing and exporting hiring tax incentives
  • No corporate capital tax
  • No payroll tax
  • No health premiums levied
  • 5% refundable investment tax credit on manufacturing and processing equipment
  • 10% non-refundable tax credit for research and development expenditures
  • 6% provincial sales tax – lowest rate of all provinces with sales tax
  • Provincial sales tax exemption for direct agents used in the manufacturing process

Industry-Specific Incentives

Renewable Energy

  • 35% rebate for wind turbines 100KW or less


  • Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing program provides 50% cost-shared funding to a maximum of $500,000, and 50% of Lean Gap Analysis costs to $20,000 maximum.
  • Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative provides a maximum of $100,000 over a four-year period for prototype and product development, system improvements, marketing/market opportunities and skills and training
  • Agriculture Development Fund provides project funding over $14M per year to public/private researchers

Denise Wall

Business Development & Tourism Officer